You Should Meet Our Volunteers.

Every week, dozens of real heroes show up to provide quality ministry for kids of all ages, lead worship and stream our services live online. They offer a warm welcome, a cup of coffee, assistance of all kinds, and so much more. There are so many, and new ones are always joining us. We can’t list them all here. But we do understand why you might want to meet or connect with a staff member, so here is an introduction.

Lead Pastors

Frank & Chris Seixas

Our founding pastors, Frank & Chris have provided our vision and leadership since 1991. Chris oversees our adult teaching ministry, nursery and missions department.

Assoc. Pastors

Valdir & Alessandra Felicio

Valdir and Alessandra oversee Family Ministries. They run small groups for couples & parents and organize family events. Valdir is responsible for HR and Financial Admin.

Assoc. Pastors

Les & Yvonne Lamb

Les & Yvonne are responsible for our City Kids and First Impressions teams, guest development, church-wide volunteers, online ministries and food drives.

Prayer Pastors

John & Mary Noseworthy

John & Mary are passionate about the power of prayer. They lead our Sunday Prayer Team and host weekly Revival and Pre-Service prayer meetings.

Youth Pastors

Phil Jean

Phil & Frances lead our Friday night youth ministry, organize annual youth conferences and summer camps, and lead weekly Impact groups in several area high schools.